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We offer both online and on-site training. Our online training is RBT and behavior assistant curriculum designed specifically for staff working with at risk youth. Our on-site training includes our Behavior Basics Training and our Registered Behavior Technician Course.

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ATBx Crisis Prevention & Management Course

14 Hour Course / 15 Person Max

This training teaches non physic crisis prevention, de-escalation and management techniques for teachers, caregivers and staff members. A Behavior Skills Training (BST) + Coaching model is used consisting of instruction, modeling, role play and ongoing feedback to teach behavior science informed strategies for preventing crisis. Curriculum topics include; Science of Behavior: understanding why (functions of behavior), behavior principles (reinforcement, punishment, extinction), shaping, how to choose replacement skills/behaviors. Crisis Prevention: Quality Instruction decreases the need for behavior reduction, identifying individual strengths, deficits, classroom/environment set up, pairing (building rapport) Crisis De-escalation: differential reinforcement, stop redirect reinforce, response blocking, function based responding, pivot praise, redirection and more!


Parent training workshops

2 Hour Course

Health and Wellness Practices for you and your Family

Parents will learn how to apply behavior science principles to create a supporting environment to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors for proper nutrition and exercise. This will include strategies for managing positive and negative interactions between you and your children. Parents will also be advised on how to support their child’s social and emotional learning with topics including identifying your emotions, using coping skills, and practicing mindfulness. Finally parents will be introduced to evidence-based approaches to help build your child’s confidence

Parent Empowerment

Strategies for seeking and requesting help, including engaging with service “gatekeepers”. Parents will be given specific guidance on navigating Individual Education Plans (IEPs), Family Support Plans (FSPs) and 504 plans. Parents will also be given information on how to access diagnostic services for common types of neurodiversity including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and other common developmental delays.

Connecting with your Child – Building Communication & Literacy

Leverage behavior principles to build communication and early language skills for their child. Parents will be introduced to Functional Communication Training, and the importance of learning channels and fluency-based instruction to develop phonemic awareness, listening comprehension, and vocabulary building.

Creating opportunities for Learning & Engagement

As parents, finding time in the day can feel like an impossible task. This workshop will teach way for you to create learning opportunities for your child to teach new skills while simultaneously completing day to day tasks. Also includes ways to effectively manage tough behaviors, using behavior specific praise, redirection, “first-then” statements, staying close, incidental teaching, and using token economies.

Developmental Milestones

Brain and behavioral developmental milestones from birth to five. This will include an introduction to behavior science informed approaches to potty training, developing early verbal and non/verbal communication behaviors, and developmentally appropriate prosocial behaviors including pre-K and Kindergarten readiness skills.


Parent training Sessions

30 minute session

Live, virtual one on one coaching sessions with parents


American Red Cross CPR (Adult & Pediatric) AED and First aid

Within this training participants will learn how to use CPR and AED with infants, children and adults. They will also learn first aid techniques. Upon successful completion students will receive a valid 2 year Red Cross digital certificate that is OSHA compliant and meets other workplace and regulatory requirements.This training can be completed within a 4 hour live course or a 2 hour blended learning course (online and live).

Behavior Assistant Certification

Upon completion, staff will understand the basics of behavior management, behavior analysis principles, reinforcing appropriate alternatives, tools for preventing and responding to problem behaviors. (This is the training curriculum staff in APD behavior focus home would receive).

Professional Crisis Management (PCM)

This training follows the PCMA training. The students can become certified in Basic Practitioner through PCM Practitioner 2 Prone.

On-site Staff Trainings

ATBx Behavior Basics Training

This training was adapted to address the needs of Juvenile Justice programs and other programs that service at risk youth  This staff training provides staff of all levels (administration, mental health, floor staff, etc) the basics of ABA, how to identify the functions of behavior, how to respond to problem behaviors and tools for preventing problem behaviors from occurring. This training is typically conducted facility wide and refresher courses are scheduled every 6 months.

Registered Behavior Technician Course

40-hour on-site training conducted. Course can be tailored for fit the schedule of the facility or program. Includes completion of competency assessment and assistance navigating BACB website and application process. Upon completion of this course individuals will be eligible to apply to sit for their RBT exam through the BACB and receive their internationally recognized RBT certification.