About Us

Who is ATBX?

Our History

While working with underserved populations of children and youth, many of whom were involved in the child welfare and justice systems, we saw first hand the desperate need to increase accessibility to effective, high quality, science informed interventions. Many of the children we worked with had experienced significant traumatic experiences or were involved in broken systems that reinforced maladaptive behaviors that were likely to open them up to being placed in restrictive environments and/or experience subsequent trauma.

In an effort to expand access to services and promote meaningful systemic change for broken systems Adapt & Transform Behavior (ATBx) was created. Since our beginning, in 2017, we have stayed true to our mission. Our holistic approach to behavior analysis services results in measurable changes to not only to our clients behavior but their physical, emotional and intellectual well beings by capitalizing on their strengths and integrating opportunities for learning.

Our Team

Samantha Fuesy

Samantha Fuesy is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and received her Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of South Florida. in 2014.

Early in her career Samantha began working with child welfare and justice involved children & youth. Her experiences working in this space created passion for promoting systemic changes and expanding access to effective treatment and supports to underserved populations. These passions are what led her to opening Adapt & Transform Behavior, LLC (ATBx) in 2017. At ATBx Samantha has worked to build a team of passionate, expert behavior scientists who share her dedication to making meaningful change.

In addition to her work with system involved children and youth, Samantha specializes in the treatment of severe behaviors, program wide consultations and systems interventions, staff trainings and coaching, individualized services for children and adults diagnosed with ASD, developmental disabilities, and behavioral disorders (ADHD, conduct disorder, ODD, etc.), parent/caregiver trainings.

Emily Kieffer

Emily Kieffer is originally from Southern Illinois. She received her Bachlors in Psychology from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Then she attended Middle Tennessee State University where she obtained a Masters in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis. During her graduate studies, she interned with the Department of Corrections in Tennessee working with work release to death row male and female populations.

Since moving to Florida and becoming a BCBA (in 2014), she has provided ABA services to a wide variety of age groups, populations and disabilities. While working with the DOC populations in Tennessee, Emily often saw that they had a history of incarceration since childhood. Therefore, she sought to work with juvenile offenders and those with severe problem behaviors to aid in their success with prosocial behaviors. She also strives to supervise and grow analysts to support all populations.

Sara Hordges, MS, BCBA

Chief Analyst

Sara Hordges was born in Argentina and grew up in Tampa, FL. Sara attended the University of South Florida (USF) with a major in psychology and a minor in behavioral healthcare with a concentration in applied behavior analysis (ABA). During this time, Sara started working with children with developmental disabilities where she gained experience in early interventions and developed a diverse skillset including verbal behavior, skill acquisition, and parent training. She furthered her education in graduate school at USF, earning a master’s degree in ABA, while concurrently working in the school systems expanding her repertoire within the field. Throughout this time Sara continued to work with multidisciplinary professionals, gaining insight along the way while working for Adapt and Transform.

Sara joined Adapt & Transform Behavior LLC in July, 2019 where she served as a BCBA and transitioned into the role as Chief Analyst. For the past two years, Sara has worked in juvenile residential and detention centers where she worked with a broad spectrum of behaviors and interacted with professional communities providing staff trainings and consultations for facilities. Sara believes that ABA can be applied to any population and environment and hopes that her work influences others to create positive change in the communities especially those within with juvenile and foster care system.

Nicole Harris, MS, BCBA

Chief Analyst

Nicole earned her Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of South Florida. She has been working in the field since 2016 and has experience in clinical, school, residential, and group home settings. She joined Adapt & Transform Behavior in 2020. Her ability to work collaboratively with multidisciplinary treatment teams, produce meaningful outcomes for her clients and dedication to coaching and training others led her to be promoted to Chief Analyst in 2022.

Nicole specializes in providing individualized science informed interventions for children and youth with varying needs, implementing precision teaching and fluency based instruction techniques, differentiated instruction techniques, systems interventions and consultations and staff trainings.

Caleb Hudgins

Director of Research and Development

Dr. Caleb Hudgins is formally trained in behavioral neuroscience and behavior analysis. He received his Ph.D. in behavioral neuroscience from Rutgers University and a M.S. in behavior analysis from the University of North Texas. During training in behavior analysis Dr. Hudgins served as a behavior therapist as well as a research scientist studying memory, learning, and choice in both human and non-human populations. Dr. Hudgins’ research at Rutgers University focused on the neurobiology of learning and memory with a specific emphasis on genetic mechanisms underlying neuroplasticity and learned fear. Prior to being accepted into the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science & Technology Policy Fellowship Dr. Hudgins served as the Research Director for a health services start-up called The Baby Box Company where he researched the impact of the company’s services on family and infant health and safety, with a specific focus on safe sleep practices. After joining the AAAS Fellowship Dr. Hudgins accepted a placement at National Institute of Justice where he worked to leverage insights from the neuro and behavior sciences to promote evidence-based solutions to improve public health and safety.

Dr. Hudgins joined Adapt & Transform Behavior in 2022 as the Director of Research and Development. For the past year Dr. Hudgins has provided business development consultation for integrating research & grant funding into small business development, managing registration and administration for Federal and State grants & contracts, identifying, organizing, writing, & submitting federal and state grants & contracts, serving as grant manager for 3rd party grants, developing and managing local and national partnerships for grants, contracts, and advocacy, and building out ATBx’s research infrastructure and capabilities. Dr. Hudgins actively advocates for access to evidence-based practices that will meet the diverse needs of at-risk children that need our help, our patience, and our compassion.

Paula Petit-Frere


Paula attended the University of South Florida where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminology and later a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. Since 2012, she has provided services in a variety of settings including: early intervention centers, residential facilities, schools, group homes, family homes and independent living. She joined Adapt & Transform Behavior in 2022. Paula has developed a passion for driving meaningful outcomes by promoting a team-based approach that ensures her clients get the best support available.

Marla Hernandez


Marla attended the University of South Florida and graduated in 2013 with a degree in Elementary Education. Marla taught First grade for two years. She enjoyed teaching, however wanted to learn more on how to help students who required extra support due to behavioral and academic reasons. With this goal in mind, Marla attended the University of Missouri in the Applied Behavior Analysis Master’s program. During her time there she completed her practicum in a clinical setting working in the intensive early intervention clinic and severe behavior clinic. She was also a fellow in the Training in Interdisciplinary Partnerships and Services (TIPS) for Kids which is a Leadership Education in Neurodevelopment and Related Disabilities (LEND) training program in Missouri.

Marla joined ATBx in September 2021. Since then she has worked in homes, schools, and juvenile residential facilities. She’s worked with families, teaching them how to implement ABA principles and strategies. She’s worked with children of various ages, teaching skills ranging from functional communication to how to appropriately advocate. She has experience working in multi-disciplinary teams to best deliver services both in-home and in juvenile residential facilities. Marla believes that ABA can make an ever lasting change to improve the quality of life for individuals, children, caregivers, and families, regardless of their age, adversity, socioeconomic status, and more. Marla wants to continue to disseminate ABA to contribute towards changing people’s lives.

ABA for everyone

Ensuring effective services are accessible for all